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                                Expedition Journal  -  Getting Ready

March 10, 2005

We are counting the days to the expedition! There is so much to deal with at this time - reviewing equipment needs, making sure all the team members have travel documents and preparing this website for the reports from the field. We believe you will all be interested in following our journey and we will update you every few days. So keep your computers ready, bookmark the website and follow us on this exciting adventure.

Karen Huntt, Michele Westmorland and Sara Rau - President of the Society of Woman Geographers with one of the three flags that will be proudly flown on the MV FeBrina while on expedition.

Karen Hunt, Michele Westmorland, Sara Rau


April 11, 2005
Getting Closer!

We’re on countdown – As you can see from the photo below, there is a lot of strategic packing to do. With 4 camera bodies, assorted lenses, flash units, underwater housing and strobes, tripods, accessories and other little gadgets, it is so important how we pack and the amount of weight we will be carrying. Of course, this does not include all the computer equipment! Three laptops, external hard drives and cords that would make a pasta factory look mild! All are so delicate that we think about every possible way to guarantee their safety in travel from gorilla baggage handlers. Then there is the TSA inspections that will make for a fun event so we made sure that all these treasured items were registered with U.S. Customs. And just to remind you, we are the still photographers. The filmmaker and soundman also have a huge amount of equipment.

Michele Westmorland and Karen Hunt

Sponsors are now beginning to see the reality of our expedition and we would like to thank Lowepro for the bags to keep our prize cameras safe and sound; Intel for supplying our third laptop, a screaming Dell, for complete image editing in the field; Hitachi for the microdrives; Stratos for the satellite phone; Isis for Women for some wonderful outdoor clothing and Canon for their technical support and supplying us with some of the greatest camera gear ever made. So hang on friends and supporters – we’ll be on our way April 23rd. Keep a close eye for new field reports and images.

To hear a brief flags narrative by Michele -  Click Here  (1MB .mp3 file)

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