Composer Announcement: Icarus Music

IcarusMusicI met Eddie at Icarus Music during the incredible Blue Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, CA over a year ago.  He has contributed his talent for composing music in significant films over the years on marine conservation – and many other memorable topics.  It wasn’t until a couple of months ago when I received a call from him about Headhunt Revisited.  His enthusiasm about the story was engaging. With experience composing World music for a number of Independent Documentary’s, I can’t wait to hear what Icarus Music will put together to accompany Caroline’s story!


The successful partnership between award-winning composers Eddie Freeman and Marta Victoria is the driving force behind the creative process at Icarus Music. This energetic duo holds degrees in audio engineering, television, writing, music and film. Tapping on that and their thirty plus years of industry experience, they are able to quickly and intelligently compose and engineer beautiful, high-quality works for all manner of clients. When it comes to Icarus Music, these two artists pursue the same goal … to musically realize each project’s unique story and to completely satisfy and enhance every client’s vision.

Icarus Music has composed and produced hundreds of scores for films, venues and television programming. Clients include: BBC, Discovery Channel, Disney, DreamWorks, Knowledge Adventure, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific, Mattel Toys, National Geographic, NOAA, PBS, Turner Broadcasting and ZDF.

Learn more about Icarus music here

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