A Wonderful Endorsement

This will be a pivotal year for Headhunt Revisited. Thanks to the help of our scriptwriter, Elle Russ, the narration is ready and we are on to the next phase of editing the film! This month we will be working to finalize all the visuals, from the footage to the archival photos, photographs and paintings. We have a wealth of content!

Receiving endorsements like the one below fuel me as we continue on.

When Michele and I were inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame on the same year, we discovered we had more in common than just diving. Our interest in cultures, the arts, and sharing stories push us to deepen our own and other people’s knowledge and understanding of places, people, and ecosystems. Michele’s passion for Caroline Mytinger’s story fuels her energy for this project and is the driving force that will bring this story to light. Papua New Guinea is a country still very much unknown to many people despite generations of explorers bringing images and stories to the world. In my own family, three generations have traveled to PNG, from my grandfather and father’s expedition in the mid 1980’s, to my own in 2010. By sharing Caroline’s story as a 1920s western woman painting portraits of the people of Melanesia, Michele is not just creating a bridge across time and culture, she is using layers of storytelling, painting and film, to convey a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary story that evades all notion of time and place.


Photo by Çapkin van Alphen

Celine comes from a family that exposed the world to the magic of the ocean.  From her grandfather, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, her father, Jean-Michel to the next generation of Cousteau’s, Celine has demonstrated what that legacy means.  What I am thankful for, in addition to her wonderful endorsement, is her commitment to connect her own stories of indigenous communities.

Learn more about Celine on her website here:


It is the support of my community that has gotten us this far. A finished film is just around the corner! Your continued support through the finishing stretch means more than ever. Please consider making your tax-deductible donation. Every bit will help this project through completion!

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