Who is “The Voy”?

As we just celebrated Valentine’s Day, it had me thinking about Caroline and Margaret spending 4 years together in such remote locations. I thought of how, with the exception of an occasional plantation owner’s wife, there were few other women Caroline and Margaret could share their journey with. Certainly, many of the lone – and lonely – men must have been smitten by the beauty of both Caroline and Margaret but as Caroline joked after Margaret received a proposal from a gentleman, he would never see the same affection from Margaret that she demonstrated with her friendship with Caroline.  I did find one man who Margaret developed a long-time friendship with and that was Captain William Voy, who mastered the vessel Mataram in the Solomon Islands.  What a lovely discovery when I was able to find and purchase Caroline’s first book Headhunting in the Solomon Islands, only to find within it a personalized inscription from Margaret to, as she called him, “The Voy”.

The Voy

Captain William Voy of the SS Mataram


Margaret Warner on board Mataram with Harold Markham

So what has the team been doing?  Sandy has  been working hard on fine-tuning the rough cut with historic footage and ideas for graphics and animation.  Our first focus group will be held on February 25th, where our guests are from the local film industry will view the rough cut and provide valuable feedback for the continued editing.  We are planning on two additional focus groups – one for the education community and another for general audience types.  

Feedback comments from all three focus groups, be it positive or critical observations, are all essential to bringing a concise and compelling film to a variety of audiences.  When we have achieved the desired flow of the movie, our voice recordings will placed and then we will move on the the next step. Our animator will provide ideas and inspiration to complete segments that could only be visualized in animation.

As the process continues to bring this film to completion, I would like to reach out to our valued supporters for ideas and venues where I can give lectures or host small fundraising events.  Every additional dollar raised with help pay for animation, graphics and other items that will bring this film to the screen.

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