It’s a Wrap with Lauren Hutton

I’m not sure how to begin this newsletter with so many fabulous things happening!

The number one exciting event was to record Lauren Hutton’s voice-over as our heroine, Caroline Mytinger. I was hooked in via Skype because I could not fly to Los Angeles to personally participate. John and Nick of Atlantis Group recording studio took charge of the important recording. Also there to assist was Eddie Freeman of Icarus Music. Eddie provided much needed help with communicating correct Melanesian name pronunciations. How would you say Ahuia? Yes, it can be a challenge but Lauren moved through the process – because she’s a pro.


There were stories that Caroline wrote in her books that also brought out emotions. The death of two subjects from one of her paintings titled Sarli and Wife, had everyone feeling the sadness as Lauren personally expressed it through her voice. Then there are the happy moments that only Lauren could bring out. She calls our intrepid artist “The Great Caroline” and we truly believe that she channeled Caroline with her magical voice.

Three hours is a long session to record and Lauren’s generosity to play the role of Caroline is so greatly appreciated. There really are no words to express our thanks.


We’ve had two focus groups to screen and provide feedback.  It was exciting and the constructive comments invaluable.  The editing continues!!!

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