A Proud Moment

I am honored to announce that I was recently awarded Fellow of the Year at iLCP’s annual conference called WildSpeak.


Announcement given by Buffy Redsecker – Chairman of the Board/iLCP

By definition, this is not a best photographer or best photograph award, but an award to call out the Fellow who has stood out as a staunch supporter of the organization itself.  Photography is, by nature, a solitary pursuit and trying to create a place where photographers can come together to collaborate and share knowledge is a tricky thing.

The Board and the Staff could not do this without the help and support of the Fellows.  This award is designed to honor the extra time and energy that is spent when that commitment is made to iLCP.  Besides a beautiful bauble, the recipient of this award will receive a Mindshift gift certificate and $2500.00 to support their work!  This year’s awardee stands out for her dedicated service as a board member and as an advocate for iLCP events around the world …  She’s the first person with her hand in the air volunteering for whatever is about to be asked, often without knowing the ask before volunteering.  She’s a mentor to many of us, and one of the most inclusive and collaboratively minded people in any profession I’ve had the pleasure to know.

Her massive work in recognizing culture, which, as we know, is impossible without environmental conservation.  Headhunt Revisited highlights the life and adventures of one of the greatest female explorers and artists of the early 20th Century, Caroline Mytinger, who traveled with her friend, Margaret Warner.  But as in all things that this woman touches, there is deeper work afoot.  She is also raising the respect for traditional culture in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, and in collaboration with local artist, Jeffry Feeger, she is encouraging deeper celebration and memorialization of Melanesian heritage.  


In addition to this incredible honor, Jaymi Heimbuch of Mother Nature Network wrote this lovely piece about Headhunt Revisited.  Click HERE to read it.

While the finishing touches of the film are being worked on, I have been busy acquiring the archival footage and images that illustrate the 1920s in Melanesia when Caroline and Margaret were there.  This is one of the most difficult and expensive parts of post-production! Thankfully, the National Geographic Society and the archives team were great to work with. They promptly licensed and delivered the cover of the September 1929 issue of the magazine, in which Caroline appears, for use in the Fly River portion of the film.  

Since announcing the NEA grant, we have raised over half of our required $25,000 matching funds! Can you help us raise the rest of this portion of post-production costs? Consider giving a year-end tax deductible contribution to Headhunt Revisited. Every dollar goes directly towards the finishing funds, archival footage and image licensing, and helps us maximize our NEA grant.

Thanks to everyone who has donated and supported the project. From the entire Headhunt Revisited team, we wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!

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