Caroline Mytinger for President!

As we approach the upcoming election, our inboxes are full of political rhetoric and our social media rambles on with a variety of opinions. How about some positive news for a change?

The documentary film is quickly moving to completion!  Today, Sandy and I reviewed the small tweaks with our animator, Mahima Tuladhar. Icarus Music is in “sketch book” phase of the score and expressed how much excitement they feel in developing the music. Eddie and Marta say they feel like explorers themselves to find the right sound that will compliment the story.

In September, I was invited to be a guest lecturer on board the Silver Discoverer traveling along the coastline of Papua New Guinea.  I gave three presentations: Marinelife of PNG, Culture of PNG and, of course, Headhunt Revisited.  Ninety passengers were all inquisitive and interested in the visual shows along with the stories, the history of Caroline, and how her art has shown a unique representation of Melanesians. Jeffry Feeger, who appears in the film, solidified the value of the film and the audience was captivated by his stunning contemporary portrait art.  There were a few locations I had not been, providing me with a chance to engage with the community and collect more of my own portraits of these wonderful people.

We also had our inaugural “house party” fundraising event hosted by John and Lisa Merrill and an intimate screening event with Leo Coronado and Rob Martin. Both helped with raising awareness of the film and much needed funds to finish the film.  And yes! We do have some fun.

There are also those who have contributed to the film by authorizing image use – historic and filled with back stories.  A few months ago, I had the pleasure of communicating with Ross Plant, the grandson to one of the most notable early 20th Century explorers in Papua New Guinea.  Ivan Champion was instrumental to getting Caroline and Margaret on board the Vinapa, a 100 ton ketch engaged by the USDA New Guinea Sugarcane Expedition in 1928 and led by Dr. E. W. Brandes.  Caroline described Champion in her book in an endearing way – as a “large-sized Boy Scout”.  She was so impressed with his credentials as the escort and patrol officer for the expedition that she acknowledged his accomplishment of a “history making transverse across the island”.  Champion was everything a true explorer of the early 20th Century exemplifies – curious, brave, handsome and confident.


Thank you, Ross, for sharing memories of your famous grandfather.

You can help us reach our final goal in many ways.  Host a small intimate party where I can share the details of the story and process of making a film; connect and share the newsletter with others and engage in a positive message about the importance of art; celebrate two forgotten female explorers, give a donation as a charitable contribution before the end of the year and help us reach our matching funds.


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