A Big Day for the Film!

As I pack a variety of equipment and clothing for my 34th trip to Papua New Guinea, my excitement is building. So are a few anxious moments as I think about the “Private VIP Screening” of the finished film to leaders of the community in Port Moresby, who have become my friends through this shared journey. The U.S. Ambassador, Catherine Ebert-Gray and the Embassy staff will be special guests, joining me as fellow Americans who share the deepest respect and admiration for the diverse, ancient cultures of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

Respect is a prominent virtue in Melanesian society. Respect for tradition. Respect for elders. Respect for family and lineage. Respect for the earth and those who will inherit it after us. The paintings and sketches that Caroline left behind speak of her respect for her subjects – portraits of indigenous people on their own terms, highlighting their skill and beauty, often placing them in the context of their homes or trades. Like Caroline, my decades of travels through Papua New Guinea have nurtured the deepest of respect for the peoples and traditions of PNG. That is why I feel both compelled and privileged to launch Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas, & Camera with a private screening for the people whose history inspired this film.

In addition to seeing the film on the big screen for the first time, an After Party celebration will feature the work of contemporary Papuan artist Jeffry Feeger. Jeffry’s stunning self-portrait “Through Siaka’s Eyes” will be available for auction. As a popular contemporary artist well known throughout PNG and Australia, Jeffry’s work brings Caroline’s legacy full circle.







Can you believe the wonderful creation of the painting? The photo to the left is of Jeffry actually completing the painting and the other is the finished masterpiece!  We have so many people to thank who are sponsors for the big event: Bank South Pacific, Crown Plaza Hotel, Paradise Cinema, PNG Airlines, Cosmopolitan Club, Masalai Communications, Media Partners and Mary Elzs OrchidInBloom

Our voice of Caroline in the film is model/actress Lauren Hutton. In the past few weeks, Lauren has championed the use of mature models in significant advertising. Calvin Klein has Lauren included in the very tasteful ad proving age has no limits! Check one of the many articles on line HERE.

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