Summer of Anticipation

Necessity is the mother of invention. And Melanesia is perhaps one of the greatest testaments to what innovations can grow out of necessity! Taking a book from that proverbial page, we recently made the decision to upload our film trailer directly to Facebook, and the results were incredibly exciting. This new strategy captured the attention of many new viewers who expressed their excitement and support for importance of this story, and shared the trailer with their friends.

  • Reached 29,812 people
  • Viewed over 10,000 times
  • Shared 164 times
  • Received over 180 responses and comments
  • Garnered numerous personal messages and testimonials


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Testimonials Continue to Pour In!

Wilson Onea, Deputy Director – Financial Analysis & Supervision Unit (FASU) at Bank of Papua New Guinea made this poignant statement and it is a reminder as to why this film is so important for others around the world to see.  It is, of course, how the connection to our past and our history is so vitally important.

“A truly fascinating adventure through the eyes of my grandmother. The documentary itself resonantes of the early 1900’s melodramas in the south seas of the Pacific. A great slice of PNG’s little known history. A gripping  documentary that ultimately delivers  a satisfactory contemporary context. A copy worth keeping.”

Paul Barker, Executive Director, Institute of National Affairs Papua New Guinea

“Very moving; wonderful blending of the past with real people then, as portrayed in Caroline’s painting, writings and the fine footage shown, but then bridging between them and the present and the people, including descendents in different corners of Papua New Guinea and Solomon islands, whom you tracked down and featured…. Of course her paintings defy time; they’re so vivid, colourful, warm and of course unique, and provide an invaluable link with the past in PNG, but also the past and diverse cultures and ways of life for all humanity.”

Our Press Kit is complete and our designer is adding the final touches to a wonderful new postcard. Downloading our public press material is easy, and full of helpful resources for those interested in planning a screening in your community – or simply learning more about the film. Just follow this link, Headhunt Press Material, to receive the trailer, press kit, poster and a ringtone for your phone! Both iPhone and Android are available.

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