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Our first 3 film festival screenings took place over the past couple of weeks. They have been filled with joy, especially because of the opportunity to view the film at the large theater space in Los Angeles with surround sound.

LA Femme Film Festival was our U.S. Premiere and was an incredible experience for Headhunt Revisited.

Founder/President, Leslie La Page, directs this amazing 4-day event each year in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, with her guiding vision for LA Femme Film Festival strongly being “about support and empowerment to those daring enough to put their vision on the line.” Headhunt Revisited and the story of Caroline Mytinger and Margaret Warner’s journey to Melanesia fit perfectly. Caroline and Margaret dared to put their vision on the line by traveling (in the 1920’s!) to the remote islands of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, capturing  the stories of the Melanesian people through art. As director of Headhunt Revisited, it has always been my vision to tell the story of these two brave but forgotten women not only for their artistic talents but their extraordinary courage. As a result, my entire film team was awarded the BEST FOREIGN DOCUMENTARY at the Awards Gala on October 22nd, of which we all can be very proud. There were a lot of smiles on that impressive evening with our master of ceremony, comedian Sandra Valls. I know Caroline and Margaret were smiling too!

After the screening and award gala, we received emails from audience participants that were awards by themselves as to the value of this film.


Walker Berwick
“Caroline’s story may have taken some hard digging to unearth, but to me, is a story capable of inspiring future generations of women.
Michele Hall – Howard Hall Productions
“Watching Headhunt Revisited brings home to my heart the knowledge that everything we do is a stepping stone to the next adventure in our lives. Caroline and Margaret’s backgrounds and personalities led them on an expedition to a remote part of the world entirely through painting. For Michele, her background as a photographer inspired her to research, develop, and execute this film.”                                                                                                  
Lynette Dodds
“The tale of artist, Caroline Mytinger and her friend, Margaret Warner, both from Cleveland, Ohio, set out to one of the most unexplored parts of the world in the 1920s with little knowledge of what was ahead. Eighty years later, another intrepid and talented woman, Michele Westmorland, set out to retrace their footsteps. This film is a charming story how art connects us all across continents, language and culture.”
Just this past weekend, Friday Harbor Film Festival honored many talented filmmakers by screening their films and hosting a forum for everyone to share their experiences. Both the opening and closing night galas were beautifully staged with words and song by the Samish Nation and the excitement of the awards in various categories. Headhunt Revisited was very well received, generating great questions and lively discussions at both screenings. It garnered many top scores in the Explorers and Adventures category! We sincerely congratulate the winner of this category, Yasuni Man, produced and directed by Ryan Patrick Killackey.
                         Photos above celebrate the wonderful team from Friday Harbor Film Festival, the Filmmakers Forum and Michele & Sandy at the Opening Gala.
 And to end the fall festival season, we screened Tuesday evening at the Hawaii International Film Festival.

Kimberlee Bassford, Consulting Producer, was in attendance to represent the film. After speaking with her yesterday, she indicated that the film was well received by a nice number of viewers. A short period after the film for Q&A generated some thoughtful questions about the film, the paintings, and and future locations for film showings.

With all the positive response, we are now constructing our guidelines for community screenings. Requests are already coming in, so if your city and friends have would like to spend an evening of exploration through Headhunt Revisited, contact me at michele@westmorlandimages.com.

In addition, there are those who think that when a film is completed, it is financially paid for. Independent filmmakers like myself still have past, present, and future costs to bring this film to audiences around the globe.  So please DONATE today!

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