It’s A Wonderful Year!

Like the classic Christmas movie with Jimmy Stewart It’s a Wonderful Life, team Headhunt Revisited can proudly say that we knew it would be OUR year. It’s YOUR year too because all of our supporters who have stayed by our sides can now share the success in the roll-out of the film.

The Headhunt Revisited team is proud to announce the acceptance into FIFO, the International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival in Tahiti! Established in 2004 on a founding idea from Wallès Kotra, at the time regional director of RFO Polynésie, FIFO immediately gained a high level of public interest. It rapidly attracted directors from Oceania and from all over the world, who recognized this event as an opportunity to take a look at the region. The two key elements to its immediate success: authenticity and diversity.

The month of December has a lot to celebrate – in different religious ways, through different forms of expression, and especially with art. Our celebrity artist, Jeffry Feeger, who appears in the documentary film, is one of the most highly regarded and talented members of the contemporary art community in Papua New Guinea.

In November, Jeffry Feeger and other talented creative individuals were proud to gather together in an exhibition in Port Moresby, sponsored by Sogno Restaurant.Jeffry also created a written work of art titled The Spirit Within.   

“Stone age to Phone age, we are in the grip of a massive cultural shock. The foreign commercial world, its products and tools of communication penetrate our once impenetrable geography. Traditional knowledge and balance with nature erode away under the weight of an insatiable capitalist approach to development. […] In the midst of rapid cultural development, we can learn the wisdom inherent in the values of our ancestors and their subtle connection with nature. As caretakers of the land, it has been the abuse of our power that has severed our connection to it and to each other. Only as wise stewards of our land are we poised to reawaken the spirit within.”

Midnight Browsing #1

Jeffry describes this painting in the collection as:  With the popularity of social media in PNG, mobile phones have become the extensions of ourselves. In the middle of the night we end up scrolling through a barrage of social awareness.You can read the entire poem and see more of his portraiture by following the link to Jeffry Feeger Art.

This time next year, for those followers who are avid scuba divers, the MV FeBrina and Walindi Plantation (and yours truly!) will be in the wonderful waters of Kimbe Bay to celebrate the finish and success of the film. It will be scheduled for the first 2 weeks of December and the list of participants is growing. If you want to join us — and the very vessel and crew that we filmed the expedition with — let me know. I will be working in the next few weeks to establish the exact dates and price. There will be a little dollar reward for you and our hosts are identifying some of the proceeds for the project.

As 2017 draws to a close, the team of Headhunt Revisited looks forward to a bright new year, and a new chapter in the journey we share with Caroline Mytinger and Margaret Warner. We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had this year to share this story with our supporters — those who have been with us from the beginning, and those we’ve met along the way. We’re excited to bring Headhunt Revisited to new communities and audiences in the new year, but most of all, we’re excited to continue this journey with you! From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a holiday season filled with joy and love, and a new year of adventure ahead!

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