Announcing the Release of Headhunt Revisited!

Now Available on DVD or Streaming through DER for home use or educational purposes.

This is the announcement everybody has been waiting for. Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera is now available through Documentary Educational Resources (DER), a leading educational distributor, that is celebrating 50 years of service to cross-cultural filmmaking. DER served as a production partner and fiscal sponsor throughout our production. We are appreciative of all the support and look forward to continuing our strong relationship to bring Headhunt Revisited to a wider audience.

Caroline Sneak Peek

For all our Kickstarter supporters, we thank you for your patience. We will be sending your digital download or DVD of the film as soon as we can. In the meantime, watch the teaser clip above to see a sneak peek of the beginning when Caroline embarks on her adventure.

This announcement is made even more heartfelt since I just returned from Papua New Guinea, where I met with amazing business leaders and friends who share my enthusiasm for getting Headhunt Revisited into the local community. I’m looking forward to bringing this all together with their help. Of course, there was the Visionary Wild cultural photography tour that followed. It makes me so proud to share my stories of Caroline along with many friends and their generosity to allow us in their homes in some of the most remote locations of PNG! I’ve only been to the Lake Murray area of the Fly River once before and it’s special. Caroline was in the region in 1929 where she and Margaret were “stowaways” on the famous Sugarcane Expedition led by Dr. Elmer Walker Brandes.

Photo from Caroline and Margaret’s scrapbooks of the expedition vessel, Vanapa.

Look for more exciting announcements in the near future! If you want to make a donation, know that even with a completed film, the expenses for distribution are still ahead of us. Your charitable contribution through DER would be much appreciated.


With the Visionary Wild team: Alet Snel, Mareille Rijnberk, Michele, Elaine Heron, Polly Crongreyer, Lori Seller and Upovia Village of the Pari Tribe, Lake Murray.

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