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CONGRATULATIONS to Sandy Jeglum.  I don’t know how to put this all in words that express both my excitement for Sandy, and sadness that she is leaving Seattle. The great news is that it’s not forever – it’s for an amazing new journey she will be taking!  As you all know, Sandy has worked with me for some 15 years starting in the production work and managing my photo business. When the film began its journey in post-production, this is where I watched her passion and talent blossom in documentary film production. As Producer and Editor of not only Headhunt Revisited, but her involvement in other admirable films, I am thrilled to announce her acceptance to UWE Bristol (University of the West of England). This prestigious Masters degree program has been co-designed by UWE academics and producers, directors and production managers from documentary and factual units within the BBC. Although I feel like my right hand is missing, I can’t wait to hear of her success in the program and her future in film.  I have no doubt Sandy will reach her goals. Please share my joy and well wishes to Sandy for her new journey ahead.

Sandy and Michele at the moment we took down the storyboard down after post-production was finished.
Sandy applied for her visa!

During the month of July, there were two events that shared the story of Caroline, Margaret, Jeffry and the power of art to communicate. The most heartwarming was the gift of 5 of Caroline’s Solomon Island paintings to the museum in Honiara. The presentation was at a function held by the MACFEST organizers and the presenters were U.S. Ambassador Catherine Ebert-Gray and Consular Agent, Keithie Saunders.

Dennis Marita, Ambassador Ebert-Gray, Keithie Saunders and Julie Fakai’a receiving the reproduction of Caroline’s painting “Bush and Saltwater” circa 1928 in Malaita, SI

The event took place on Solomon Island’s Independence Day. The press representatives were there to cover the event, leading journalist Charles Kadamana, followed by an article in the Solomon Star News. The handover was well received by Assistant Curator, Julie Fakai’a and Dennis Marita, Director of Culture. Dennis gave a brief speech to thank the U.S. Embassy and the Mytinger Project for “dedicating these very special prints to the gallery – to preserve the cultural era they were painted in and also to educate the young viewers of today”.

On July 27th, a screening was held at the National Film and Sound Archives in Canberra, Australia.  My sincere thanks to Lynne Ainsworth for making the arrangements with NFSA and the introduction before the screening. I also wish to thank Cris Kennedy, Manager of Education and Engagement and Charrisa Wright, Assistant Technical Officer, who made it possible for the film to be shown at the Arc Theatre in all its glory with full surround sound and projection. Rae Smart, Producer/Australia from Noosa, made the drive to be in attendance. Here was the catch!  I had to be available for a Q&A Skype call at 3:00 AM. Let’s say I did not sleep that night but was happy to be a part of the event.

Lynne Ainsworth giving opening remarks.


Cris Kennedy from NFSA


 Q&A Skype

Do you know you can stream the film for 48 hours for only $5.95?  Documentary Educational Resources provides it for home viewing HERE.  You can also purchase your personal DVD through their website.


PS:  If you or anyone you know are interested in assisting with text editing for newsletter and social media and help spreading the word, let me know.  I don’t work so well with my left hand.



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  1. Something tells me that once you have acclimatized you’re going to make it through with colors and fireworks!

    And besides, you’ll have a willing neophyte waiting down in Portland to step into her fins!

    Risks and doubts? What risks and doubts?

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