Octoberfest for HHR!

I’m extremely busy preparing for upcoming screenings during the month of October. It’s a very exciting time but before I list the locations, please read the testimonial below from Cris Kennedy of the National Film and Sound Archives in Canberra, Australia. He kindly wrote this after the film was presented at the Arc Cinema on July 27th. I wish to thank everyone responsible for putting this event together.

We screened HEADHUNT REVISITED to a very enthusiastic crowd at the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra, Australia, in July of 2018. The audience response was very strong – both to the ethnographic and historical content, but also to the warmth of spirit in Michele Westmorland’s filmmaking. Canberra is a town of academics and of people who have worked or have family ties in the pacific countries Westmorland’s camera visits and the story of these independent young American women surviving on their artistic skills across the Pacific frontier touched many.


Here in the United States, there are 3 locations that will be my extreme pleasure to attend and give a Q&A following the screening.

Seattle, WA
On October 10th, it will be my great pleasure to have the documentary film screened here in my home – the Seattle area. The evening will begin with a small reception hosted by David Hohimer of Hohimer Wealth Management Group at 6:30 PM followed by the film debut at 7:00 PM. You can purchase your ticket through SIFF ticketing and map the location by following this link: SIFF-HeadhuntRevisited. The film center is a state-of-the-art 90 seat jewel box cinema that will provide the best in projection and sound.


New York City
October 18th at the Explorers Club Headquarters, 46 East 70th Street in New York. The evening begins with a reception at 6:00 PM, the screening at 7:00 PM followed by a Q&A. I’ve been a Fellow National since 1995 of this prestigious organization and it will be my honor to screen my film at the historic headquarters. It was Flag #46 that was proudly carried on the expedition. It’s been a long but incredible journey to tell this story, so please join me in the beautiful headquarters! For information and tickets, just follow this link: Screening_ExplorersClub

Mytinger Project, LLC
14128 - 11th Drive SE
Mill Creek, WA  98012

Monterey, CA
Monterey is the beautiful city where Caroline lived the last 40 years of her life. I’m pleased to be able to share the film with the community. The day is sponsored by the Monterey Museum of Art with a Filmmaker Talk on October 24th from 2:00 – 3:00 PM at La Mirada Educational Center and the screening at the MIIS Irvine Auditorium beginning at 6:30 PM. For information and ticketing, follow these links.
MMA_Talk at La Mirada


MMA is where I began the research. One of the most remarkable items in their collection is the mural that was displayed above Caroline’s picture window in her quaint chalet in Monterey.

Interested in hosting a screening for your friends or organization? Email me at screenings@headhuntrevisited.org

The documentary, Headhunt Revisited, follows Caroline Mytinger’s unprecedented journey to paint the diverse culture of Melanesia in 1926. Over 80 years later Caroline’s story inspires new generations of artists and non-artists alike about the importance of documenting culture and tradition.


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  1. My Dear Michele,
    It’s been quite interesting for me to be watching as the arc of my distant and unrelated relationship with you has progressed to where it is today. I’ve said it before and shall say it again right now, you have been working so incredibly long and hard upon this project that I believe you deserve extra notoriety simply for hours put into this film and what that must mean to your overall ability to produce excellent work from this moment onward. My congratulations to you now and as you move forward! …. Salut! as my Italian friends would say.
    Now…. what about this dive trip to PNG and how goes this planning?
    And….. I had hoped to meet in person one day, initially on the far eastern islands of Guadalcanal and perhaps still we shall, or maybe somewhere somewhat closer to home? Maybe.

    Phillip Peterson
    Portland, Oregon

    • Thank you, Phillip! Now I just have to get this WordPress website mapped properly with the host company. The tech portion is making me crazy but am on the hunt for someone to come in and help. Would like to set up a commerce page to sell items – like DVDs and prints. M

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