Marine Art At Its Best

Just published in Ocean Geographic Society’s magazine is a story I’ve been working on for the past year. This was a collaboration with many friends and, more important, this generation of contemporary artists who ARE Melanesian! Starting with four from Papua New Guinea, this is the journey where I also find my own respect and passion for the people and the ocean they depend upon. Their words of inspiration are included with the art.   



I will be sending out multiple newsletters, the next one introducing the Solomon Island artists. It’s also hoped to tell you more about each individual creator – what motivates him or her, family and other interests. You can also go to the Headhunt Revisited Facebook page, “like” it and join me in celebrating art that crosses oceans and decades.

Because there is no compensation due to all the COVID problems, I’m asking you consider to donating to these two organizations in Papua New Guinea. Following, there will be an ask for an NGO in Solomon Islands.  Mahonia Na Dari (Guardians of the Sea) is a beloved science research and education center in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea, that was established by Walindi Plantation in 1997 by Max, who passed away last year, and his wife,Cecilie Benjamin. Any and all amounts are greatly appreciated through a Go Fund Me in the name of Max Benjamin Legacy Fund!!!  Follow this link:
Belisi PNG is an organization making lives better for women. Although my favorite part of the world, PNG is most challenging for women’s lives – even if you are a strong meri. Please view the website and consider helping so many, especially during this difficult time of COVID. Become a member and see where your funding can help:  Member Benefits — Bel isi PNG

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