A Shout of Thanks!

To all the participating artists for the magazine story “The Ocean Arts of Melanesia.”  A special thanks to Alicia Sahib who has not only supported my work over the years but is a strong proponent of organizations that deal with social issues, poverty, violence and yes, THE ARTS.

I had a box of hard copies of the magazine for distribution to each artist who appears in the story. There is nothing like holding your own magazine and turning each page. Alicia not only is handling this quite challenging task but is also gifting a copy to a number of dignitaries in both Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands. I hope to receive more photos of the artists WITH their own copy.

Tony Wesley-Evennett

Box delivered!!! Thank you, Alicia and Bank South Pacific. Note the photo from inside the bank headquarters in Port Moresby. They used many of my images

in their decor!  I would like to acknowledge David Conn next to Alicia. Thank you, my friends!

I’m proud to see this list with special notes from Alicia to:

United States Ambassador to Papua New Guinea/Solomon Islands

Australia High Commissioner

Prime Minister James Marape

Director of Tourism Authority/PNG

Governor Gary Juffa

Assist Governor, Motu Koitabu Assembly, Junior Dadi Toka

Minister of Justice Bryan Kramer

Additional copies were sent to Honiara, Solomon Islands.


Now you understand why I’m wishing all dad’s a Happy Father’s Day. Here in the U.S. it’s June 20 (September in Australia/Melanesia). Waxie Noah Kawatalu, the perfect parent, teaches his own children and many others in the community to use their “creative sides” to tell stories through art.

For friends who live in Australia, there will be a special screening of the documentary film at Bundanoon Winterfest on July 10. Follow the link to the scheduled time and more information.


Dear friend Lynne Ainsworth will open the screening with stories of her own family’s rich and historic ties to Papua New Guinea. Lynne is an accomplished writer AND a huge supporter of Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera. I certainly wish I could time with Lynne in beautiful Bundanoon, Australia.

From this newsletter, I hope you understand my passion for their talent and appreciate their creations. You can also go to the Headhunt Revisited Facebook page, “like” it and join me in celebrating art that crosses oceans and decades.

Because there is no compensation for this story, I’m asking you to consider donating to a charitable organization. The three identified here are close – VERY CLOSE.

Max Benjamin Legacy Fund in Kimbe Bay

Solomon Islands | Plan International (plan-international.org)








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