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Explorers Club – Pathfinders Symposium

It is with great honor to announce that I will be part of an exciting symposium titled Pathfinders: Women of the Explorers Club. I’ll be joining other women who have incredible stories to tell. Two days of wonderful speakers and topics.

The session I am participating in is:

“Footprints: Our Human Story” is part of “PATHFINDERS: Women of The Explorers Club”: a two-day symposium from November 5th thru 6th, presented by Tory Sport, to highlight incredible women in exploration – past, present, and future.

From our ancient ancestors to the next generation, meet women who are exploring what it was, is, and will be to be human. Our journey to follow the footprints of our human story begins in the ancient world where archaeology can pull back the veil of time to understand where we came from. Photography, ethnography and anthropology shed light on the modern-day, and our diverse, changing world. Finally, we look ahead, considering the patterns of history and where we can go from here.


  • Denea Buckingham — Host
  • Alegra Ally
  • Michele Westmorland
  • Alicia Stevens
  • Barbara Busova

Further details here: Explorers Club – Pathfinders  

In September, I received an order for the film DVD and notecards from a gentleman – in Australia. With all the restrictions for mailing due to the COVID pandemic, Mr. Roger James was gracious and patient. He additionally stepped up to assist with the cost, which was expensive, by agreeing to donate to the Max Benjamin Legacy Fund. This is something dear to my heart. Roger received the package and immediately watched the film with his fiancee. Here’s what he replied, with permission to share.

“The package arrived, and we watched the film!!!

My fiancee, Kath, is from Tubusereia, and recently had one arm tattooed from a design given to her by an old aunty, so the section about the lady with the tattoo recognised from the picture was really fascinating for her. Also the remaking of the head-dress was a highlight, and she recognised one lady there. I loved the comparison between Caroline’s art and the contemporary PNG artist. It was a story really sensitively told – I worked for Conservation International for many years in Melanesia, and I know how we as outsiders can have a bit of a cringeworthy approach to local cultures and social norms, but your film had none of that and I really really love it for that. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I decided to look for a copy, and that you went to that extra effort to get around postal hassles.Thank you so much!!”

The film has lived on! Such a wonderful gift to still see interest in a timeless story.

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