Happy Valentine’s Day!

When Caroline returned from her expedition, she spent time in New York, then on to Pasadena around Valentine’s Day. Her relationship with Phillip was on the wane, I discovered a letter she wrote.

“Your telegram this morning reminds me, my dear, that I haven’t thanked you for the box of candy which is now nearly consumed. I expect a crop of pimples (uncouth as that sounds) by tomorrow at least. And as much as I love you and love candy, I hope you won’t send me any more. I haven’t been able to eat a square meal since Saturday —- filling myself with candy between meals. Beastly habit I have of not being able to resist a sweet.”

The beautiful Caroline was irresistible to many.

That actually sounds a bit like me with the exception of, I’m not irresistible! I cannot resist chocolates and expect to receive my order of my favorite ice cream from our Consulting Producer and friend, Stratton Leopold. His family owned business of Leopold’s Ice Cream has been in existence for 100 years. Although Stratton has spent 40 years in the film industry, he and his lovely wife, Mary, are back in Savannah. And in the shop downtown, the Headhunt Revisited film poster hangs proudly alongside others. “Paycheck,” “Mission Impossible III,” “Sum of all Fears” and more.

Joining me at Monterey Museum of Art, 2010, we viewed much of Caroline’s work.
Left to right: Mari Carswell, Terry Tanner Clark, Barry Clark, Michele, Stratton Leopold, Jim Carswell and Mary Leopold

In November, I had the pleasure of participating in a very special event sponsored by the Explorers Club titled “Footprints: Our Human Story”

From our ancient ancestors to the next generation, meet women who are exploring what it was, is, and will be to be human. Our journey to follow the footprints of our human story begins in the ancient world where archaeology can pull back the veil of time to understand where we came from. Photography, ethnography and anthropology shed light on the modern day, and our diverse, changing world. Finally, we look ahead, considering the patterns of history and where we can go from here.

This online event was made possible by The Explorers Club and Discovery, hosted by Denéa Buckingham.

It was an honor to share our personal endeavors with Alegra Ally, Alicia Stevens, Varvara Busova. We recently received our 1-½ hour segment and I am proud to share it with you via Vimeo. Just follow this link.  https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/670825915

Enjoy the discussion and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!


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