A Long Time Coming!

I can’t believe it has been such a long time since I’ve communicated with you!!!  Just when you think a project is done and time to move on – it’s NOT. This is a timeless story of history and art.

As Robert Rose of RAW Travel TV quoted as he was reading Caroline’s books: “There is too much going on in this life to sit and watch.” 
Caroline Mytinger: Headhunting in the Solomon Islands

Caroline Mytinger and Margaret Warner on a vessel in the Solomon Islands. Expedition scrapbook at PHMA

It’s not time to “sit and watch.” I continue to hear from friends and artists from Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. All are developing more and more beautiful creations. It’s been a pleasure to wear clothing hand-painted by Anna Amos of AA Tribal Fashion and of PNGFI. I wear these beautiful garments wherever I can. Functions in New York City, the recent NANPA Summit in Tucson and here in my area of Seattle.

ECAD 2022
LaFemme Film Festival
Seattle Premiere
AA Tribal Fashion Hoodie
2023 ECAD – AA Tribal Fashions

Also purchased and collected are some amazing paintings from Waxie Noah Kawatalu, Jackson Diosi, Michael Bolokon, Gazellah Bruder, Julie Ann Fakaia, Emanuel Wainini and the incomparable Jeffrey Feeger, who appears in the film. As a well known-carver in the Solomon Islands, John Wayne, also is included in the collection. We truly are “The Art of Living”, which is the title of an upcoming episode by Rob on RAW Travel TV. 
There are some pieces that were commissioned. Not for myself but to be used in fundraising efforts. Ocean environment, project focused for the sirens of the sea, perhaps an NGO that stands for women’s rights? All are so important and I will be looking at venues that can be supported by the beauty of art. Remember – we all are a part of “The Art of Living”.

Lionfish – Acrylic on Canvas
Dugong Acrylic on Canvas
Triptych Mantas
Kala Kawatalu Spinners
Spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris)
Kala Kawatalu

I sent a photo of spinner dolphins from an underwater perspective. Then Kala Kawatalu, Waxie’s talented father, created a painting that was from his view – playing and jumping alongside his traditional canoe.

Waxie Babies
Waxie & Daughter

The Kawatalu Family continues the journey by teaching all the children how to create beautiful art. The Art of Living! Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!

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