It’s Time – for RAW Travel!

Meeting Robert Rose in 2018.

The Explorers Club in New York City was my next location for a premiere of the documentary film. Headquarters for the prestigious organization is an 8-story brownstone filled with important artifacts and documentation going back to 1904. I carried the EC Flag #46 on the expedition to film the project.  I loved the engagement from the audience, with so many wonderful remarks and questions after the screening. One of the most memorable moments was meeting Robert Rose of Raw Travel TV.  I became engaged with his style of programming, which is not just about adrenaline rushes or posh resorts – it’s about culture and people being treated with respect. We have communicated over the past 2 years so meeting him in person was a treat. Robert is just as real and caring as he is on his show.

“Can you imagine 2 solo females visiting PNG in the 1920s before Cell Phones, GPS, Guide books, etc.? Here’s a link to more info on the documentary. If you are a documentary fan please do check it out. It’s pretty amazing! (and yes, that is a polar bear peeking over Michele’s shoulder).” —-Robert Rose

A quote Robert Rose allowed me to use for my film promotion:

“To those who wish to travel with heart, I say: Just do it! Don‛t be afraid to be around others less privileged than you. Don‛t miss the lessons they have to offer. Wealth is relative. We‛re all rich and poor in different ways. Embrace the humble nature of the planet‛s most populous people. Let their authenticity and dignity in the face of incredible obstacles inspire you to overcome your own tribulations. Go ahead, travel with heart. I bet you‛ll be glad you did.” 

Although we have stayed in communication and I’ve watched almost all of his RAW Travel TV Episodes, it wasn’t until May 2023 that I saw him again, here in Seattle! We spent time at our home where he was able to meet husband, George, and our little dog, Tarynn. Rob enjoyed looking at all the Melanesian art in the house then we sat in our own backyard where he conducted an interview and did some filming.

Faces Painting by Peter Wena of Lae, Papua New Guinea

We are all excited to announce that we have an appearance in an upcoming episode for the program on July 8th and 9th!!! You can watch one of the trailers by going to the link below.

Episode 10-15 “The Art of Living” Trailer

This newsletter will end on a quote from the Episode, Empathy = Strength and we proudly wear and donate to Rob’s cause and care for Ukraine.

“During my travels, I’ve thought a lot about the word empathy and what it means. While I still don’t have all the answers, traveling has brought me perhaps a few steps closer to the “how’s” and “why’s” of the global character of kindness… but with every answer comes a question. 

For example, how can so few people cause so much destruction and pain, leaving others to try and repair the damage from their misguided misadventures? 

Perhaps there is no celebrated spring without the bitter, unpleasant winter, or no victorious climb to mountaintops without the low valleys below; no life, without death… 

But rather than excuse the malicious nature of humanity, let’s celebrate that the better angels of our nature seem to always prevail… eventually.  If destruction and greed are weaknesses, then empathy and kindness are strengths. And there is, after all, strength in numbers.” —Robert Rose

“So, let’s get together… and step up to loudly declare that empathy equals strength!”

To find the televisions time, date and location, follow this link:  Where to Watch

PLEASE NOTE: The show is only airing in the USA via broadcast TV (no online except potentially via the local broadcast station’s streaming platform). Hopefully it will exhibit in an international or online window later in 2023 or early in 2024.

Viewers in the USA can only view via our broadcast distribution partner’s platforms which include over-the-air, free television and streaming in local markets. There are currently NO ONLINE STREAMING PLATFORMS for full episodes as we are exclusive to the broadcast platform currently.


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