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Joy Amidst Hard Times

If you saw my last newsletter, I announced the discovery of a descendant of one of Caroline’s paintings titled “Kai-Kai”. A magnificent man from the Torres Strait named Robin. We just recently received a photo of Robin in his older years. Provided by the… Continue Reading “Joy Amidst Hard Times”

Exciting Discovery!

Art That Spans Oceans and Decades The title of this newsletter is a tagline I use frequently. It says it all, and Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera has some extremely exciting news! As you may know, we discovered descendants to four of… Continue Reading “Exciting Discovery!”

Caroline & Margaret – Experience with Contagions

As we all consider the current state of COVID 19, I was drawn back to Caroline’s books. It was almost 100 years ago they ventured to the Pacific Islands in Melanesia and early in their “Winney the Pooh Expotition”, they had their first introduction… Continue Reading “Caroline & Margaret – Experience with Contagions”

A Month to Celebrate!

There is so much happening the month of March to honor and celebrate! Of course, I’ll start with Caroline. Her birthday is March 6th and she was born in 1897. It’s also time to acknowledge Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day on the… Continue Reading “A Month to Celebrate!”

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!

The last year of Caroline and Margaret’s great adventure was spent in the Fly River Territory. After all this time of gathering portraits and having to deal with hardships in the tropics, they made do with a palmetto tree turned upside-down and decorated with… Continue Reading “Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!”

Story of a Different Kind

The Mytinger Project/Headhunt Revisited always focuses on stories of Caroline, Margaret, art and history. You may wonder why this one is so different but don’t stop reading! You’ll discover the connection for me and a topic so vital in addition to being so personal.… Continue Reading “Story of a Different Kind”

Inaugural Meeting of Pacific Northwest Chapter

  The new Pacific Northwest Chapter of Society of Woman Geographers was held October 18th at the home of Randa Kayyali Privett in Seattle. It was a lovely event attended by an intimate group of extremely strong and brilliant SWG members. Left to right – Bottom Row:  Ann… Continue Reading “Inaugural Meeting of Pacific Northwest Chapter”

Reconnecting in the Solomon Islands

In the last newsletter, I paid tribute to John Wayne, expert carver in Marovo Lagoon. I am continuing the story because it’s so important to recognize others who appeared in the film, supported me through the journey and some new friends made during this… Continue Reading “Reconnecting in the Solomon Islands”

A Tribute to John Wayne

On hearing the name John Wayne, many people would immediately think of the famous actor who stood 6’ 4” tall and who appeared in Western movies such as Stagecoach and many other the 1950s and 60s. However, that was not the case when I… Continue Reading “A Tribute to John Wayne”

Solomon Islands Sojourn

Next month is going to be big for me on many personal levels! I have been invited to join a group of very special ladies for a visit to the Solomon Islands. Thank you to Susan Bejeckian and the leaders of the Tourism Solomons!… Continue Reading “Solomon Islands Sojourn”