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A Long Time Coming!

I can’t believe it has been such a long time since I’ve communicated with you!!!  Just when you think a project is done and time to move on – it’s NOT. This is a timeless story of history and art. As Robert Rose of… Continue Reading “A Long Time Coming!”

Giving Back in 2023

Several months ago, I was contacted by a long-time friend, Lynnette Dodds. She has lived in Los Angeles for many years but decided it was time for her to return to her home country of Australia. Lynn began the process of looking at all… Continue Reading “Giving Back in 2023”

In Memory of James Mytinger

OBITUARY: James “Jim” Mytinger November 10, 1960 – August 18, 2022 Overland Park, Kansas – Jim’s twinkly blue eyes faded peacefully after a 3.5 year battle with (GBM) brain cancer. His three simple missions in life: bring joy to others, enjoy the best food and… Continue Reading “In Memory of James Mytinger”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

When Caroline returned from her expedition, she spent time in New York, then on to Pasadena around Valentine’s Day. Her relationship with Phillip was on the wane, I discovered a letter she wrote. “Your telegram this morning reminds me, my dear, that I haven’t thanked… Continue Reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!

It’s impossible to not share this story again for Christmas/New Year’s  2021 and hoping for a much-improved 2022. The last year of Caroline and Margaret’s great adventure was spent in the Fly River Territory. After all this time of gathering portraits and having to… Continue Reading “Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!”

Exciting Fall News

Explorers Club – Pathfinders Symposium It is with great honor to announce that I will be part of an exciting symposium titled Pathfinders: Women of the Explorers Club. I’ll be joining other women who have incredible stories to tell. Two days of wonderful speakers… Continue Reading “Exciting Fall News”

Going for the Gold

The Gold for Melanesian Artists It was thrilling to see Melanesian athletes participate in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. My heartfelt congratulations to Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji and New Caledonia for participating in the Olympics. I was so proud to see each and… Continue Reading “Going for the Gold”

A Shout of Thanks!

To all the participating artists for the magazine story “The Ocean Arts of Melanesia.”  A special thanks to Alicia Sahib who has not only supported my work over the years but is a strong proponent of organizations that deal with social issues, poverty, violence… Continue Reading “A Shout of Thanks!”

Marine Art – Part II

A continuation of celebrating Melanesian artists and the marine environment! This second announcement  continues to share with you four incredibly talented artists from the Solomon Islands. Recently published in Ocean Geographic Society’s magazine is a story I’ve been working on for the past year.… Continue Reading “Marine Art – Part II”

Marine Art At Its Best

Just published in Ocean Geographic Society’s magazine is a story I’ve been working on for the past year. This was a collaboration with many friends and, more important, this generation of contemporary artists who ARE Melanesian! Starting with four from Papua New Guinea, this… Continue Reading “Marine Art At Its Best”