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Summer of Anticipation

Necessity is the mother of invention. And Melanesia is perhaps one of the greatest testaments to what innovations can grow out of necessity! Taking a book from that proverbial page, we recently made the decision to upload our film trailer directly to Facebook, and… Continue Reading “Summer of Anticipation”

“Land of the Unexpected” Embraces the Film!

It was May 11th, one day after my arrival into Port Moresby. My body was still trying to make the 17 hour leap to catch up to the bright Papuan sun, while my nerves were already far ahead of me, firing on all levels.… Continue Reading ““Land of the Unexpected” Embraces the Film!”

A Big Day for the Film!

As I pack a variety of equipment and clothing for my 34th trip to Papua New Guinea, my excitement is building. So are a few anxious moments as I think about the “Private VIP Screening” of the finished film to leaders of the community… Continue Reading “A Big Day for the Film!”

Announcing New Corporate Sponsor!

Bank South Pacific (BSP) is an iconic and unique bank in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. It has the largest branch network in Cook Islands, Fiji ,Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu with over 4,000+ staff across the Pacific. The… Continue Reading “Announcing New Corporate Sponsor!”

Historic Footage Acquired!

Historic footage is an important part of telling Caroline and Margaret’s story.  Locating footage from the 1920’s can be a challenge but we did find some beautiful and compelling scenes from three sources – and we would like to individually thank them for working… Continue Reading “Historic Footage Acquired!”

A Proud Moment

I am honored to announce that I was recently awarded Fellow of the Year at iLCP’s annual conference called WildSpeak. Announcement given by Buffy Redsecker – Chairman of the Board/iLCP By definition, this is not a best photographer or best photograph award, but an… Continue Reading “A Proud Moment”

Caroline Mytinger for President!

As we approach the upcoming election, our inboxes are full of political rhetoric and our social media rambles on with a variety of opinions. How about some positive news for a change? The documentary film is quickly moving to completion!  Today, Sandy and I… Continue Reading “Caroline Mytinger for President!”

Almost to Picture Lock!

I write this newsletter as I prepare to venture back to Papua New Guinea as a guest lecturer on board the Silver Discoverer for the rest of September. In my absence, the film team will be working to get the film to picture lock… Continue Reading “Almost to Picture Lock!”

National Endowment for the Arts

The Headhunt Revisited documentary film team is honored to share the news that we have been chosen for an award from the NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS!!! One of just nine grants given to support production of an individual documentary film in this funding… Continue Reading “National Endowment for the Arts”

It’s a Wrap with Lauren Hutton

I’m not sure how to begin this newsletter with so many fabulous things happening! The number one exciting event was to record Lauren Hutton’s voice-over as our heroine, Caroline Mytinger. I was hooked in via Skype because I could not fly to Los Angeles to… Continue Reading “It’s a Wrap with Lauren Hutton”