Special Screening in Australia

I am extremely proud that a screening of Headhunt Revisited: With Brush, Canvas and Camera will be held at the historic Retford Park, in Bowral, New South Wales. This beautiful country home was built in 1887 by Samuel Horden and gifted to the National Trust of Australia by its former owner, James Fairfax AC in April, 2016.

The screening event will take place in the Round Yard at Retford Park on February 15, 2020 from 7:00PM to 10:00 PM with proceeds of ticket sales going to support the National Trust. Although I personally won’t be able to attend, Southern Highlands resident and dear friend Lynne Ainsworth, who is a great supporter of the Mytinger Project, will represent the project and introduce the film. The link to the tickets and additional information is:


It is not widely known that Caroline created paintings and sketches in Australia and I’m happy to share two of her beautiful creations with you.

Both of these paintings were completed at the end of Caroline and Margaret’s epic journey to the Solomon Islands and New Guinea, while they waited to exit through Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. There, they were hosted by a generous woman who gave them ‘refuge,and warm friendship and good home cooking’, until the next freighter came along. By this time, Caroline and Margaret were not just exhausted but were trying to recover from a myriad of maladies contracted during their expedition. While in Darwin, Caroline opted for some quiet time in at an Indigenous gravesite where she painted the beautiful memorial structures to the deceased. This painting is entitled Final Pink Hi.

In a second painting, which is untitled, Caroline sits with an Indigenous woman, her baby and a lamb. Both were painted as a symbolic gesture to the end of Caroline and Margaret’s expedition:  “For this is the twilight hour for the earth’s exclusive tribes.”

These beautiful will be reproduced on high quality canvas paper by Arthead Printing, Moss Vale and displayed at the screening at Retford Park.

I hope those interested in the story of art that spans oceans and decades will attend the screening, and I personally wish to thank Ann Frederick, Retford Park Property Manager, and the National Trust of Australia for hosting this event.

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