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Noevea Salagomgom, born before WWII. One of the last living women to have the body tatooing (like Sarli’s wife) from the Southeast coast of Papua New Guinea. Mullins Bay Area

The team has been assembled to work on the post-production for the documentary film! To see who everyone is, please visit the team page. Michele, Director, and Sandy, Editor, both have the additional responsibility of acting as Producers and are leading the charge during the last stages of the finishing work. Lauren Hutton recorded an additional 3 hours of excerpts from Caroline’s books; Jeffry Feeger, the Papua New Guinean contemporary artist completed a stunning piece titled “Through Siaka’s Eyes”; composition and audio mix by Icarus Music has been placed; animation by Mahima Tuladhar designed and placed; script by Elle Russ; and now the final technical work to get the film ready for mastering. We are so close! In addition to the finishing work, a new trailer will be developed. Historic footage in the film was a monumental task to locate but we think our viewers will be pleased to see how it weaves through Caroline’s narrative voiced by Lauren. And if you did not notice, our new website appearance has been designed by Susan Mears, who is a talented photographer in her own right.

We have submitted to several film festivals around the globe in hopes that we are accepted. Announcements to any with screening dates to come. While all this activity is going on for the documentary film, our exceptional writer, Deborah Kirk, is busy writing an outline for a beautifully illustrated book as a companion piece to the film. Our Executive Producer, Alice Apley, is also the Executive Director for DER, our fiscal sponsor. You can help us by making your tax deductible donation today!




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