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Reconnecting in the Solomon Islands

In the last newsletter, I paid tribute to John Wayne, expert carver in Marovo Lagoon. I am continuing the story because it’s so important to recognize others who appeared in the film, supported me through the journey and some new friends made during this… Continue Reading “Reconnecting in the Solomon Islands”

A Tribute to John Wayne

On hearing the name John Wayne, many people would immediately think of the famous actor who stood 6’ 4” tall and who appeared in Western movies such as Stagecoach and many other the 1950s and 60s. However, that was not the case when I… Continue Reading “A Tribute to John Wayne”

Solomon Islands Sojourn

Next month is going to be big for me on many personal levels! I have been invited to join a group of very special ladies for a visit to the Solomon Islands. Thank you to Susan Bejeckian and the leaders of the Tourism Solomons!… Continue Reading “Solomon Islands Sojourn”

Mother’s Day is Never Over

Caroline never had any children of her own however, while living in Monterey, she mentored many aspiring young female artists. I have had the pleasure of staying in touch with two of these women and today, both are successful teachers and/or artists! Karen Scott:… Continue Reading “Mother’s Day is Never Over”

Remembering The Past

As we move toward the Christian celebration of Easter, the Jewish Eight Days of Passover, and the Buddhist New Year, I have been saddened by the terrible damage to one of the most iconic structures on the planet – Notre Dame. As I was editing my… Continue Reading “Remembering The Past”

The Pooh Expotition’s Birthday Wishes!

Did you know that Caroline’s journey to Melanesia was written in her book as the “Expotition”?  I loved the reference in Caroline’s 2 published books. So what was the meaning when author A. A. Milne so brilliantly told a whimsical story of a teddy… Continue Reading “The Pooh Expotition’s Birthday Wishes!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I fell in love!!!  It was all quite magical and although he is a furry creature, his species is extremely connected to Papua New Guinea culture, the rainforests, and is endangered. So what does this have to do with my story told in the… Continue Reading “Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Looking Forward to 2019!

As I write this newsletter, I’m reflecting on the incredible visit in Papua New Guinea last month.  My husband, George, joined me on a magical trip to spend time with some of our dearest friends in Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea.  Walidini Resort and… Continue Reading “Looking Forward to 2019!”

A Time To Be Thankful

How can I express my excitement and gratitude for the three screenings last month!  It has been extremely rewarding to bring the film out in public venues. In the last newsletter I mentioned that SIFF, here in my home town of Seattle, is generating… Continue Reading “A Time To Be Thankful”

Octoberfest for HHR!

I’m extremely busy preparing for upcoming screenings during the month of October. It’s a very exciting time but before I list the locations, please read the testimonial below from Cris Kennedy of the National Film and Sound Archives in Canberra, Australia. He kindly wrote… Continue Reading “Octoberfest for HHR!”